Call him the football version of Dude Perfect.

He’s Johnny McEntee, who just days ago, was simply known by a handful of people as a redshirt junior backup quarterback for the Connecticut Huskies.

Today, he’s quickly sprouted into a Google sensation, as his video of trick shots (via YouTube) has spread like wildfire throughout the internet.johnny-mcentee-trick-shot-specialist

“Johnny Mac” – as he’s referred to in the video – uses a football to complete a series of different trick shots, and overall, the clips are quite entertaining and awe-inspiring.

Certainly, it remains to be seen just how many times McEntee had to attempt to make each shot a success.  One would think that if he had this kind of accuracy on a regular basis, that he’d be starting for the Huskies.

Either way, the results are still quite impressive.

If you haven’t seen it already, check him out in action:

Video via YouTube

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