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Throwing Tomatoes: Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger, Tom Brady and Randy Moss, the Cowboys and 49ers Plus Other Sports Underachievements

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Recently, the ridiculous and absurd acts in sports appear to be arriving in twos – from Brett Favre and his apparent inappropriate texts to Jenn Sterger, to the rumored in-season spat between Patriots QB Tom Brady and WR Randy Moss and so on.

So as the stories continue to get generated, more sports frustration emerges.  Don’t sweat it, The Wife Hates Sports has them covered – in lycopene, that is.

This time, make that DOUBLE the lycopene.

Throwing Tomatoes: October 11, 2010

Brett Favre

…for finding a new – and scandalous – way to get into the news.

Brett Favre continues to be the bad penny in football.  This time, it’s not the vomit-inducing retirement rollercoaster ride that vaults him into the news, but something else.jenn-sterger-dressed-as-referee

That’s right, as it turns out, Brett is not so different than countless other big sports names when it comes to women.  If you haven’t heard already, stories have emerged (originally via Deadspin) involving Favre apparently sending inappropriate texts and images to Jenn Sterger– a model and former employee with the New York Jets.

If you haven’t seen Sterger yet, here are a few images of her – and as you will see, it’s understandable why Brett would be attracted to her – but that doesn’t give him the right to be a complete pig.

Jenn Sterger: #4’s Apparent Crush


Overall, it’ll be interesting to see if this affects Favre’s continuous game streak or Minnesota’s performance on the field.  One also has to wonder if Favre had a feeling this news would come out and that perhaps was another reason that Brett appeared to need to be coaxed back to the Vikings this season.

Tom Brady and Randy Moss

…for allegedly pulling each other’s hair verbally.

Usually, when one is discussing two of the biggest names in football, there wouldn’t be a connection to a verbal spat about a player’s overall appearance.

Usually, a man – after sweating for hours and knocking people around – wouldn’t care if he had a few hairs out of place – at least, that’s what the general thought would be.

The recent rumor in the Randy Moss Trade Saga is that Moss and Patriots QB Tom Brady got into a spat over their appearance, with Moss jabbing at Brady’s Justin Bieber-like appearance, while Brady took a shot at Randy’s beard.

The story has also been denied, too – so who knows what really is true.


If Randy Moss didn’t bust on Tom Brady’s “Bieber Hair”, then he should have.

But either way, this news IS as ridiculous as it sounds – and I personally don’t know what else to say about it… well, except for the fact that each jab – if true – was warranted.

The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers

… for being the two BIGGEST underachievers in the NFL this season.

While many may want to point to Cincinnati or San Diego as the owners of this unfortunate honor, the Niners and Cowboys should be considered the biggest disappointments this season – and it’s not close.

First off, San Francisco is in a weak division, and came in as a favorite to get back to the playoffs.  The result is instead a 0-5 record and three very tough losses, including last night to the Eagles.

Meanwhile, Dallas continues to be a train wreck – most recently falling to 1-3 in a home loss to the Titans.  No seat should be hotter than the ones belonging to Dallas coaches Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett.

The Minnesota Twins and Cincinnati Reds

…for bowing out faster than the Rays can say “Tickets are still available”.

Two of the better team stories during baseball’s regular season were the Twins and Reds – and that’ssplatteredtomato why it’s more disappointing to see both teams get swept out the playoff door.

The Twins’ front office remain pleased with manager Ron Gardenhire – and they should be – but at some point, he needs to find a way to beat the “Pinstripes”.

Meanwhile, the Reds certainly had a tough task against the Phillies and its big 3 – also known as “H20” by the locals.  Still, the blunders on the field along with a lack of hitting production by one of the NL’s top hitting teams, well… it was just dreadful.

And finally…

…….a quick-strike pelting of cherry tomatoes…

Brooks ConradHate to pile up on the guy, but his performance against the Giants in Game 3 even made Bill Buckner cringe.

Todd Collins– His dreadful performance against the Panthers (32 yards passing, 4 INT’s) should be cut-worthy.

LeSean McCoyLucky for him, his choice to slide short of a first down didn’t cost the Eagles a victory to the 49ers.

Allen IversonReports have AI potentially signing to play in Turkey.  Seriously?  Wait, do they practice in Turkey?


This has been Throwing Tomatoes, where the fruit is twice as nice – and also twice as lethal.

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About the Author:

Kevin Paul is the creator of The Wife Hates Sports, a freelance sportswriter, full-time QA manager, part-time craft beer tester and full-time Dad. Oh and yes, it REALLY is true, the WIFE does HATE sports. Maybe we men need to create a support group.


  1. tophatal January 10, 2011 at 1:24 PM


    Not wanting to bring that Saints’ defense into disrepute but there’s no truth to the rumor that Adam Lambert has stated he could have chased down Lynch and grabbed both his balls as well as the one he carried into the endzone . Get the picture ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    And a special thank you to Matt Cassel for proving to me once and for all that the qb’s that have left USC over the last eight years aren’t all that good to begin with !

    His stats ( 9/18 for 70 yds, 0 TD’s , 3 INT’s ) were horrendous against the Ravens ! Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    tophatal ………..

  2. admin January 10, 2011 at 11:19 AM


    Very Surprised actually just how BAD the Saints D was the other night… and it sets up a situation where if you’re a fan and you have no vested interest in the other teams, then it’s time to root for the Seahawks.

    Having a live blog here of the national championship game… if you’re around and feel like stopping by.

    Take care – kp

  3. tophatal January 9, 2011 at 11:18 AM


    Well who knew that the Saints’ defense was almost as incompetent as the competitors on DWTS ? I’d dare say that Bristol Palin must be envious of their play ? Thye had about as much rhythm as a group of physically challenged children learning how to dance .

    tophatal ……

  4. tophatal October 25, 2010 at 9:20 AM


    First of all Brett’s denial is getting asinine. It was his voice but it wasn’t his ‘junk’ in those pictures ? LOL, LOL,LOL !!! I guess those pics were photo-shopped then ?

    As for Brady I’m sure Giselle compliments him on his hair and he compliments her likewise by taking care of business as and when it counts .

    Belichick is also appreciative of Tom’s exploits both on and off the field that’s for sure.

    tophatal 🙂

  5. KP (Admin) October 23, 2010 at 11:54 AM

    From what I do hear, Gisele likes his hair like that… so honestly, if she told Tom that she wanted him to have a blue mohawk, I’m sure that he would do it… you know what I mean? Ha ha.

    Don’t get me started on Brett, though it sounds like it may cost him some bank to get Sterger off his back.

  6. tophatal October 21, 2010 at 10:18 AM


    I’ve no problem with the way Brady looks ……. my God the guy gets to come home and nail Giselle Bundchen. Last I heard she wasn’t picking up strays. And I don’t think that Bell’ misses Moss that much now that he has Deion Branch back there to line up with Welker , Edelman and Tate. What do you think ?

    When people now say to Favre go long Brett ….is there meant to be a double meaning to the question ? By all accounts what he’s got south of the border isn’t that impressive to begin with ?


    tophatal 🙂

  7. admin October 12, 2010 at 3:42 PM

    Very much looking forward to that game… Lee vs. Price and a chance to advance to the ALCS and take on the Yankees. Heck yeah…

  8. aero October 12, 2010 at 8:48 AM

    The Trop is gonna rock tonight my friend.
    Go Rays!

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