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Stephen Strasburg’s Shoulder, Miguel Batista and Miss Iowa Katherine Connors: The Most Random Trio in Baseball This Season

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Young phenom superheros and scantily clad beautiful women – talk about the makings of a blockbuster movie.

Surprisingly, this story isn’t coming to a theater near you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s still quite entertaining – especially how the entire situation unfolded.


Stephen Strasburg was a late scratch and has since landed on the DL with shoulder inflammation

It all started with just another game at Nationals Park, where rookie fireballer Stephen Strasburg was set to take the mound for the Washington Nationals – obviously in front of a packed house of rabid fans who were ready to see the young star take the hill.

Only, Strasburg became a last minute scratch for precautionary reasons, due to a sore shoulder.

The fans didn’t know about this fact before planting their butts in the seats – so you can imagine their disdain when Miguel Batista stepped out of the dugout in the first inning – with his career 96-110 record and 4.53 lifetime ERA in tow.

The boos rained down – so much that only Philadelphia fans could top it when Santa Claus comes to town again.

However, the angry cries didn’t last long once Batista tossed a gem, leading the Nats to a 3-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves.

Ah, but the story gets better – much better.

“Imagine if you go to see Miss Universe, then you end up having Miss Iowa, you might get those kinds of boos,” Batista said after the game.

It’s a comical comparison by Batista, however it’s also proof that he just pulled a random state from the sky and truly hasn’t seen Miss Iowa, a.k.a. Katherine Connors.

Quite honestly, if you were to compare Miss Iowa to a Major League pitcher, she wouldn’t compare to Batista – but instead would top both Baltimore and Kansas City’s pitching staffs combined.

Here’s some visual proof to back that theory


As you can see, Connors’ looks are as lights out as a Strasburg four-seamer – but hey, that’s not the end to this “all in good fun” story.

Katherine Anna Connors, Miss Iowa USA 2010, of Bettendorf, poses for photographer upon arriving to Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada in her Kandy Wrappers Swimsuit. She will spend the next 2 weeks touring, filming, rehearsing, and making new friends while she prepares to compete for the coveted Diamond Nexus Labs Crown. Tune in to the LIVE NBC Telecast at 7:00 PM on May 16, 2010 to see who will win the title of Miss USA 2010.?HO/Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP - (RETOUCHED)

Miss Iowa Katherine Connors (Photo Credit: HO/Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP)

To provide more legs to the topic, the Washington Nationals decided to feed off of Batista’s quote, and have since invited Connors to throw out the first pitch during Friday’s game against – you guessed it – Philadelphia.

It’s safe to say once she takes the mound, no one will booing – and that goes double for Batista, who will be there to catch her offering.

Hopefully, for our sake, Batista won’t come out in a swimsuit – per Connors’ original retort to his quote.

And by the way, as for the young phenom Stephen Strasburg, the Nationals placed him on the 15-day disabled list earlier today – citing an inflamed right shoulder as the reason.

In the end, everything should work out well for the Nationals – including some new, welcomed publicity and hopefully a speedy recovery by Stephen Strasburg.

See you at the movies – or the ballpark.

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