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The Wife Hates Sports: Hump Day Links (Vol. 3)

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It’s Wednesday – time for “Hump Day Links”… featuring various entertaining reads throughout the online sports world…

Hump Day Links: Good Reads for March 3, 2010

Josh Q. Public: LeBron Should Wear Number 25lebronhandsup

If you’re LeBron, what number do you switch to and why?

Sports Chump: Is LeBron James Too Nice for His Own Good?

Sticking with the LBJ take, here’s an interesting piece on ‘The King’…

MoonDog Sports: Happy 28th Birthday Jessica Biel

Yep, she’s still easy on the eyes – as the phrase goes…

Tophatal’s Blog: NFL Combine…

Join the discussion on the NFL Combine – c’mon, everyone loves to talk a little NFL…


Fat Pickled: Chris Samuels: A Modern Day Hog

A nice tribute to the Redskins left tackle, who recently announced his retirement…

Guyism: 8 Stages of Beer Drinking

Love the picture of the guy with his head in the urinal…

Ask Men: Top 10: NCAA Basketball Upsets

The Madness is just around the corner – and this will get you more fired up for the “big dance”

Awful Announcing: Erin Andrews to Appear on DWTS

EA will not just be roaming the sidelines this year, but also Dancing with the Stars – the question is: will it make you watch?

Eutaw Street Hooligans: Baseball America Digs Them Some O’s

Watch out for the Orioles… this team is going to get better real quick…

Sports by Brooks: John Daly’s Followers Own Phones

If you haven’t already heard – then, well… let’s just say, don’t piss good ol’ JD off!


TWHS Caption Challenge Winners:

Ice Dancing in the Winter Olympics: TBD – Voting is still open (due to few responses)

Also, check out this week’s challenge on TWHS – winner will be announced next week.

Coming VERY Soon: The Wife Hates Sports will be putting together a March Madness bracket challenge that faces the men against the women.  Stay tuned – and for now, chew on this video to help get you fired up for the upcoming “big dance”…

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