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Charlie Sheen’s “WINNING” 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks Revealed

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When Charlie Sheen revealed that his March Madness bracket would be available for review, the world was pretty confident that he would not be married to the number one seeds.

In fact, there was no doubt in my mind that Sheen’s picks would not be chalky.  Not like President Obama’s bracket, at least.

Sheen is a bit “off the reservation”, as of late.  Everyone knows it.  Yet, he’s still a popular figure among the sports and entertainment world.  Lately, Sheen is leaving many folks not just laughing, but muttering the word “WINNING” at any chance they can get.

Charlie is no doubt an entertaining figure.  He’s also a die-hard sports fan and most notably a big-time baseball fan.

A good friend of the Dan Patrick Show, Sheen was happy to participate in the DP Show Bracket Challenge, being run through the SI website.  On his Twitter account, show producer Paul Pabst revealed Sheen’s picks – and here they are below:


Charlie Sheen’s NCAA Tournament picks in DP Show Bracket Challenge (Image via yfrog)

Sorry, Charlie – but maybe you should stick with baseball.  In fact, I would love to talk baseball with him on The Wife Hates Sports.  You can’t argue his passion, his spontaneity and his honesty.

As for his picks, I’m sure Charlie was having fun, and clearly winging it.  Either way, an Elite 8 featuringcharlie-sheen-winning-image 5-seed West Virginia and 3-seed BYU as the highest ranked teams left – well, that would be March Madness at its craziest.

Just like Sheen, himself.

Color me shocked.  With his “tiger blood” history, Sheen did not push Clemson and Memphis far in his bracket.  Perhaps he didn’t realize each school’s mascots.

But the best part of Sheen’s bracket is the fact that he signed it at the bottom, right alongside the word, “Winner!”

Classic Charlie, right there.

I’m confident that my readers will not be able to match Charlie’s selections of Akron and Long Island in the championship.  Still, I remain curious to hear the most off-the-wall picks that some of you have.

Sound off in the comments below – and keep on WINNING!

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  1. Kitty Wanduhren May 5, 2011 at 12:53 PM

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  2. admin March 30, 2011 at 8:05 AM


    I had a decent run in the picks for a while… ’til late in the second weekend, then my bracket crashed and burned. At least I kept my long streak alive of having at least one Final Four team alive. I thought that was in jeopardy with the way this year went, but I did have UConn. Live to see another day in that department.

  3. Chris Humpherys March 19, 2011 at 10:44 AM

    Akron, huh?

    Why am I not surprised?

    The SportsChump picks are updated as of Saturday morning with KP tied (with nine others) for second place.

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