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NFL Week 13 Picks: Guestless, Clueless and Channeling Stuart Smalley

Pardon me, but can I blame tryptophan for another sub-par week of NFL prognostication? Somewhere, the Sports Chump is smirking and saying, “So, KP, does that mean you’ve been eating turkey non-stop for the last month?” “Mama said there’ll be days like this, There’ll be days like this Mama said”… “Don’t you mean months, KP?”, [...]

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NFL Week 13 Picks: TWHS, Sports Chump, Tryptophan Comas and Special Guest Tom Lancaster

Thanksgiving is here, leaving us to revisit all the reasons that we are thankful, while also serving up a hefty feast of football, family, friends, food and fun. Tryptophan, too.  Lots and lots of tryptophan. It actually appears as if my spread picking game has been mired in a tryptophan coma for a few weeks [...]

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NFL Week 13 Picks ATS, Including Thanksgiving Games, Saints-Seahawks and More

It’s sure been a while since I “picked my knows” on here – and that’s “knows”, not nose.  For those that are familiar with TWHS, you therefore know about my regular posts surrounding the NFL, and picking games against the spread. So, let’s give thanks to football by getting down and dirty with the spreads [...]

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NFL Week 13 Picks: Lines and Odds, Including Steelers-Ravens, Eagles-Cowboys and Giants-Redskins

Week 12 created some interesting NFL headlines, as Eli Manning and the Giants stormed back into the picture after a thrashing of the Packers, while Colin Kaepernick clamped his hands down on the San Francisco starting quarterback position, leaving Alex Smith to sit and wonder what happened. Week 13 promises similar stories to emerge, with [...]

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NFL Picks Week 13: Lines and Odds, Including Packers vs Giants, Lions vs Saints and Falcons vs Texans

Another week in the books and the Green Bay Packers are still undefeated.  This week, the Packers travel to the Big Apple to take on the Giants, a team that’s spiraling in the wrong direction, especially after last week’s lopsided loss to the Saints. Over in the “Pick Your Knows” department, I have fallen on [...]

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