UEFA Champions League Semifinals: Preview and Predictions

By | April 25th, 2016|Guest Authors, Soccer, Writers|

After a season full of matches, including the inevitable exits by my favorite sides Ajax and Arsenal, only four teams [...]

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The Wife Hates Sports: Meet Darrell and Darrell’s Wife

By | March 15th, 2016|Guest Authors, Soccer, Writers|

Hi, everyone! I’m Darrell, and my WIFE and I are thrilled to be joining this wonderful little endeavor that Kevin [...]

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Jason Sudeikis Returns as Ted Lasso in Hilarious Premier League Promo Followup

By | August 23rd, 2014|Humor, Kevin Paul, Soccer, Writers|

Ted Lasso is back. Jason Sudeikis recently reprised his role as the American coach who is clueless when it comes [...]

Throwing Tomatoes: LeBron James, NBA Draft, World Cup, Luis Suarez and More

By | June 28th, 2014|Celebs, Features, Humor, Kevin Paul, MLB, Movies, NBA, Soccer, Throwing Tomatoes, Writers|

Break out that purplish-red checkered button down shirt, blow the dust off the ol’ director’s chair and get ready for [...]

Four Years Later: Revisiting US Soccer, Isner-Mahut and One of the Wildest Days in Sports History

By | June 23rd, 2014|Kevin Paul, Soccer, Writers|

U.S. Soccer earned a key point in its 2-2 draw with Portugal during the 2014 World Cup group stage, but [...]

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World Cup 2014: Predictions, The Wife’s Wacky Strategy and Some Vegas Odds

By | June 13th, 2014|Features, Kevin Paul, Pick Your Knows, Soccer, The Wife, Writers|

The 2014 World Cup is underway, leaving thousands of Americans ready to root for the home country, while numerous others shrug their shoulders and mutter the words, “It’s not OUR football”. Then there’s THE WIFE, who curses at how boring baseball is and gets frustrated at her Dad for his love of NASCAR, and the drivers that “just go around in circles”. Still, she’s kind enough to humor all of us with sports-related predictions.  As with March Madness, she focuses on teams with local ties, squads with great color schemes, or schools with cats as a mascot. Naturally, World Cup predictions are the next in line, and of course, she was game… but only after some minor begging, of course. Who will raise the World Cup and win it all? Many like Brazil and Argentina. KP and the WIFE have others in mind Call it a grand experiment, because going into this, I had a good guess at just how this would go. Would she watch the World Cup on TV?  She might make a passing glance when it’s on the tube, or inquire at how the US was doing.  Either that, or headlines from TMZ or People would tell her exactly how it all was going.  She may even ask how these predictions were panning out. More than likely, she wouldn’t care, because after all, this is one of the many wives that HATE sports.  Who wants to watch a bunch of guys kick a ball around when you can watch puppies on Instagram? As for her predictions, we are dealing with countries, not colleges with mascots.  She knows just enough about the sport to be aware that the US isn’t a soccer power. Sorry world, we mean football. She knows that Europe loves its soccer…er, again, that’s football, people. She also knows that Brazil is notoriously a power in the sport. So, what would her predictions be, and better yet, how do they compare to Vegas’ odds? There had to be an explanation of how the tournament is structured, that you must pick the top two teams to advance from each group and then follow that with a March Madness-like bracket to get to your eventual champion. First, there are the WIFE’S predictions. It’s simple, really.  My gut said that she would advance the good ol’ U-S-of-A, but not have them winning.  Then, knowing that Europe has a lot of solid teams, she would pick her favorite places (that we have visited) to go far. That means… 1. Italy The WIFE and I snapped this photo of the Colosseum when visiting Rome, Italy 2. France A year after our adventures in Italy, we took a trip to Paris, France 3. England We also made it to London, where we snapped this shot of Big Ben Italy – the honeymooning spot – would easily be her winner. I penciled all of this down, set it aside, and then presented her with the groups and bracket. And these are the WIFE’S 2014 World Cup predictions: […]

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