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Baseball Fans Unintentionally Mimic Classic ‘Remember Your Cup’ Rolling Rock Commercial of the Past (Videos)

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Recently picked up by the Oakland A’s, Brandon Inge’s bat is beginning to show some life, as the former Detroit third basemen has managed a hit in five of his first seven games in Oakland.

Inge has also hit 2 HR’s and knocked in 8 runs over his last two games, including the May 6th contest against the Tampa Bay Rays, when he had a three-run shot and four RBI on the day.

During that game, it wasn’t just the Rays’ pitching staff that had to suffer through Inge’s wrath, but also that of the Tampa Bay fans.

Well, two baseball fans in particular, one being a man that failed – and failed miserably – to catch the home run ball.  On top of that, see who may be the man’s female companion pay for his error afterwards.


Goodness gracious, someone get this guy a new pair of hands, or perhaps a glove.  Then again, he may need a new pair of something else after that result.

It looks like Inge may have hit that one out on a two balls and one strike count (tip your waiters).


Brandon Inge’s home run ball managed to hit a man in the crotch and a woman in the face.

Upon seeing this unfortunate, yet hilarious incident, this comical crotch shot in the Tampa Bay stands was an unintentional replica of a Rolling Rock beer commercial from years back.

If you’re not sure which commercial that I’m referring to, have a look for yourself – and if you can’t help but laugh at crotch-related humor – then you’re in luck, because this one has the motherload.


Let this be a lesson to every male out there – always “remember your cup” – and that goes double for when Brandon Inge is at the plate.


Rolling Rock politely reminds you to “Remember Your Cup” at all times!

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  1. admin May 10, 2012 at 7:56 AM


    Ha ha… true, true.

  2. JW May 9, 2012 at 1:43 PM

    For a host of reasons, that was the only ball getting near her face for a while…

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