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Wife of the Week: UCLA Basketball Mistletoe Cam Girl Bolts Marriage Proposal (Video)

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Upon asking THE WIFE her thoughts on a marriage proposal during a sporting event, her reaction was straight and to the point.

“Tacky,” she quickly said.

“But it depends on the couple, and maybe that sporting event has significant meaning to them, or perhaps it’s how they met,” she added.

Clearly, that knowledge was already in this noggin, and it wouldn’t be a good fit for the wife that hates sports.

That thought leads directly to the latest “Wife of the Week”, a woman who was sitting courtside with her boyfriend at a UCLA basketball game in late December.


A man proposed to his girlfriend during a UCLA basketball game. The reaction wasn’t what he wanted.

UCLA posted its “Mistletoe Cam” on the screen above, urging couples that appear on it to kiss.  That’s when this poor soul was met with likely the most embarrassing moment of his life, proposing while on video and in front of the whole crowd.

As if it wasn’t enough for him to have to watch the struggling Bruins basketball team, he then would instead watch this woman stare at him blankly, and then storm off without giving him the “yes” that the sparse crowd was seeking.hot-ucla-cheerleaders

Naturally, the awkward reaction leads to a number of people to assume that this whole event was a hoax, and a way for this couple to get attention and fame.

Then again, maybe it was for real, or perhaps it was a situation where this woman was sharing the opinion of THE WIFE.

Either way, this week’s winner – whoever she may be – is the latest “Wife of the Week”.

The video itself has been making its rounds across some major sites and blogs this week and if you missed it, check it out below and provide your thoughts on marriage proposals at sporting events, or whether you feel this event was fake or the real deal.

Either way, consider this award her consolation prize.

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  1. admin January 6, 2012 at 8:08 AM

    Nope, I agree with you both… but still, that was pretty cold. The poor kid looked like he got hit by a bus.

  2. JW January 5, 2012 at 7:49 AM

    He’ll be better off in the long run. Do you really wnat to be married to a woman who will leave you hanging like that?

  3. emabarassed January 4, 2012 at 4:12 AM

    Does anyone know the couple so we can get more insight why he proposed and she said know. i feel sorry for the guy but at least she was honest well not really honest maybe she was cheating. OR did not saw him as a boyfriend but more like a girlfriend or sister to hang out with.
    Well i got curious who this couple is
    To the guy i would say do not worry. You will find a new girlfriend who do love you and trully appreciate you

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