It’s no secret that Charles Barkley has a strong opinion about almost everything that exists on Earth.

That’s why when “Sir Charles” makes an appearance on Saturday Night Live, entertainment ensues, especially when Barkley is given the opportunity to toss out a few zings at members of the sports world.

Such as what happened in the most recent episode of SNL, specifically during the skit where Barkley presented the world with his “Charles Barkley Postgame Translator App”.

As during most postgame press conferences, coaches or sports stars throw out cliches more than Drew Brees slings touchdowns, ranging from “take it one game at a time”, to “we tip our hats to our opponent”, and so on.

But with the “Charles Barkley Postgame Translator App”, you the sports fan gets presented with the real story behind every postgame line.


“Sir Charles” zinged sports stars during the SNL skit featuring the “Charles Barkley Postgame Translator App”

The skit itself featured some comical jabs pointed at the likes of Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan, Kobe Bryant, Mike Shanahan, Dwyane Wade, the Miami Heat and the New York Mets.

Personally, I felt that Barkley’s best shots were at Rex Ryan and the Miami Heat, but see for yourself, and perhaps you will feel differently.


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