Baylor’s football program hit national headlines on a regular basis this season, mostly due to the spectacular play of Bears QB Robert Griffin III.

By now, most sports fans realize that “RG3” – as he is regularly called – not only led the Bears to a 9-3 record, but also after posting gaudy statistics throughout the year (3,998 passing yards, 644 rushing yards, 36 passing TD’s, 9 rushing TD’s, 6 INT’s and a 72.4% completion percentage), Griffin III added the Heisman Trophy to his ever-growing awards case.

Griffin III’s Heisman victory was the first ever for Baylor University, and this news led to a plethora of parties throughout not just Waco, Texas, but throughout the Baylor campus, too.


RG3’s Heisman victory is not just huge for Baylor, but for all of college football

While most may be quick to criticize and say that it isn’t like the Bears had just won a national title, let’s take a step back for a second.  We are talking about the state of Texas, which lives and breathes football, with programs such as Texas and Texas A&M frequently stealing away the headlines.

This victory is huge for Baylor, the state of Texas and Griffin III himself – and each and every single celebration is completely warranted.  After all, who knows when we’ll see Baylor with another superstar of this caliber?

Check out some of the resulting celebrations below, as presented by the local Baylor website “Keg in the Quad”, via YouTube.  Certainly, they are nothing like the reactions that we saw months back when the USA Soccer team reacted to a game-winning goal in the World Cup, but overall, it’s still quite moving, especially to think of a small, passionate school that has so frequently been marred in football mediocrity.

For one day, these fans got to experience what it’s like to be on top.  That’s something we can all can stand up and cheer for – well, unless you’re a fan of Stanford or a team from the SEC.

Video via YouTube (Created by “Keg in the Quad”)

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