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MLB Power Rankings: Philadelphia Phillies Finish Regular Season in First, Yankees Second and Rangers Third

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With the 2011 MLB Playoffs underway, let’s take a moment to look back one last time on the regular season.  Here’s a look at how each team finished the year in our MLB Power Rankings, along with some key final stat lines both from the team and individual player angle.

The roaring finish to the 2011 Major League Baseball regular season was one for the history books, with a furious finish by the St. Louis Cardinals and Tampa Bay Rays, coupled with a pain-inducing collapse by both the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox.

The Philadelphia Phillies finished KP’s MLB Power Rankings in the top spot, while the Houston Astros finished the year in the cellar.  Even with the added Wild Card bonus, the Rays still finished behind Boston overall.  Here’s how the final numbers sorted out:


The Phanatic is happy with the best record and TWHS Power Rankings crown, but still wants a World Series ring

KP’s MLB Power Rankings: End of 2011 Regular Season

1. Philadelphia Phillies – 102-60 (231 points) – Last Week: #1

Not surprisingly, the Phillies finished the regular season with a 3.02 team ERA, the best in baseball and nearly two tenths of a run better than any other team.

2. New York Yankees – 97-65 (218 points) – Last Week: #2

The Yankees finished the regular season with the most home runs (222) and the second-most runs batted in, with 836.

3. Texas Rangers – 96-66 (213 points) – Last Week: #3

The Rangers finished the regular season with the best team batting average in baseball (.283) and the second best OPS (.800).

4. Detroit Tigers – 95-67 (148 points) – Last Week: #5

The final stat line for Justin Verlander’s masterful season: 24-5 record, 2.40 ERA, 0.92 WHIP, .192 opponents average and 250 strikeouts in 251 innings pitched.

5. Milwaukee Brewers – 96-66 (144 points) – Last Week: #6

The Brewers had five double-digit game winners in 2011.  The list: Gallardo (17), Greinke (16), Marcum (13), Wolf (13) and Narveson (11).

6. Boston Red Sox – 90-72 (139 points) – Last Week: #4

The Red Sox finished the regular season with the most runs batted in, with 842.  Boston also had the most doubles in baseball, with 352.

7. St. Louis Cardinals – 90-72 (129 points) – Last Week: #9

The 167 double plays converted by the Cardinals during the regular season are more than any other team in baseball in 2011.

8. Arizona Diamondbacks – 94-68 (125 points) – Last Week: #8

The D’Backs pitching staff had the most saves (58) in baseball during the regular season.

9. Tampa Bay Rays – 91-71 (122 points) – Last Week: #7

The Rays finished the regular season with the best team WHIP in the American League (1.22).  Statistically, they fell behind Boston in the rankings, but earned a spot ahead of them.

10. Los Angeles Dodgers – 82-79 (72 points) – Last Week: #13


Matt Kemp was a major bright spot for the Dodgers this season

Matt Kemp’s fantastic season nearly hit the 40-40 mark.  His final line in 2011 was a .324 average, 39 HR, 126 RBI’s, 33 doubles and 40 stolen bases.

11. Atlanta Braves – 89-73 (69 points) – Last Week: #10

The Atlanta pitching staff had 1,332 strikeouts during the regular season, the most in baseball.

12. Los Angeles Angels – 86-76 (68 points) – Last Week: #11

If not for the performance of Justin Verlander this year, Jered Weaver (18-8, 2.41 ERA and 198 strikeouts) would have a legit shot at the Cy Young.

13. San Francisco Giants – 86-76 (39 points) – Last Week: #12

The San Francisco pitching staff held opponents to a .232 batting average, the best in baseball.

14. Cincinnati Reds – 79-83 (21 points) – Last Week: #16

Drew Stubbs’ 205 strikeouts during the regular season were more than any other player in Major League Baseball this year.

15. New York Mets – 77-85 (17 points) – Last Week: #15

Jose Reyes had a stellar season, batting .337, with 39 steals, 31 doubles, 16 triples and 181 total hits in 126 games this year.

16. Washington Nationals – 80-81 (15 points) – Last Week: #19

Stephen Strasburg managed five starts at the end of the season.  His final stats: 1-1, 0.87 ERA, 0.71 WHIP and 24 strikeouts in 24 innings pitched.

17. Toronto Blue Jays – 81-81 (2 points) – Last Week: #14

Jose Bautista’s 132 walks on the regular season were 22 more than any other player.  He also hit 43 HR’s and batted .302 this year.

18. Chicago White Sox – 79-83 (0 points) – Last Week: #17

The nightmare season is over for Adam Dunn.  The final line: 122 games, 415 AB’s, 11 HR, 42 RBI’s, 177 strikeouts and a .159 batting average.  Ouch.

19. San Diego Padres – 71-91 (-17 points) – Last Week: #24

The Padres finished the regular season with more stolen bases (170) than any other team.

20. Cleveland Indians – 80-82 (-24 points) – Last Week: #18

Asdrubal Cabrera had one of best seasons for a shortstop in 2011, batting .273 on the year, with 25 HR’s, 32 doubles, 17 stolen bases and 92 RBI’s.

21. Oakland Athletics – 74-88 (-34 points) – Last Week: #23

The 136 home runs allowed by the Oakland pitching staff were fewer than any staff in the American League this season.

22. Colorado Rockies – 73-89 (-36 points) – Last Week: #20


Troy Tulowitzki had another solid year with the Rockies

In just 143 games this season, superstar shortstop Troy Tulowitzki still managed a .302 batting aveage, with 30 HR’s and 105 RBI’s.

23. Kansas City Royals – 71-91 (-39 points) – Last Week: #22

The KC offense showed tons of promise this year.  The Royals’ 1,560 hits was the third most in baseball during the regular season.

24. Florida Marlins – 72-90 (-50 points) – Last Week: #21

Florida’s .811 stolen base percentage was the highest in baseball this season.

25. Pittsburgh Pirates – 72-90 (-70 points) – Last Week: #25

Andrew McCutchen posted a 20-20 year, hitting 23 HR’s and stealing 23 bases in 2011.

26. Chicago Cubs – 71-91 (-81 points) – Last Week: #26

The Cubs posted the worst fielding percentage (.978) in baseball during the regular season.

27. Baltimore Orioles – 69-93 (-114 points) – Last Week: #28

It may come as a surprise to many, but the Orioles actually had the fourth most home runs in Major League Baseball this season, hitting 191.

28. Seattle Mariners – 67-95 (-115 points) – Last Week: #27

The Seattle offense finished the season with both the worst team batting average (.233) and the worst team OPS (.640).

29. Minnesota Twins – 63-99 (-164 points) – Last Week: #29

Opposing hitters hit .281 against the Minnesota pitching staff, which was the highest average against any team in baseball this season.  Twins pitchers had the fewest K’s, too, with 940.

30. Houston Astros – 56-106 (-184 points) – Last Week: #30

The Houston pitching staff allowed 188 home runs, more than any other staff in the National League this season.

* All stats per MLB.com


Note: RED = Falling 3+ spots from last week, GREEN = Rising 3+ spots from last week

The Wife Hates Sports’ MLB Power Rankings system has fa method to its madness, attempting to be different and not just rank by popularity and record.  It mixes a secret formula of six completely different categories, meshed into a points system.  The categories don’t just include team results regarding record, but how each team has performed recently, as well as incorporating some statistics on both a team’s offense and pitching staff, too.

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