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12 Things Boise State Can Do To Earn Top BCS Ranking (Humor)

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With Auburn being the latest power conference team to leapfrog Boise State in the BCS, it’s becoming even more apparent that the Broncos are clearly the Rodney Dangerfield of college football – and in order to gain any National Championship respect, ridiculous and outrageous measures might just have to be taken.

Take the following examples – which if executed properly – could push Boise State to the top of the BCS food chain.

Top 12 Things Boise State Can Do To Earn Top BCS Ranking**

12. Pitch cupcakes as a legitimate food group to the USDA.  That way, there’s a good chance that they’ll be more attractive to the BCS system, too.


Boise State hopes to “get a room” at the National Championship

11. Post a massive banner of Kellen Moore in a major city, which would lead to more Boise State recognition around the country – and maybe some Heisman votes, too.  Hey, it worked for Joey Harrington, right?

10. Have another Boise State player propose to his cheerleader girlfriend after a win – emotional pollster votes.

9. Paint the Statue of Liberty orange and blue for big market attention.  Just don’t tell Bob Stoops.

8. Call Buffalo Wild Wings and see if they can stage an overtime victory for the Trojans over Oregon.

7. Start a campaign pitching future opponent Utah State as the next big thing in college football – or convince the pollsters your opponent is actually Utah – whichever has a better shot at working.

6. Have Chris Petersen officially change his last name – adding an “o” in it – therefore causing less angst among AP voters.


“Operation Wilt” should be in effect for Boise State

5. Mail a few laptops to Cam Newton in hopes it will push him to take a dive against Ole Miss.

4. Coin each game “Operation Wilt” – and score 100 points to help the team’s BCS standing each week.

3. Put an SEC logo on the Boise State media guide so the team can trick its way into the National Championship game.

2. Send a potato gift basket to BCS director Bill Hancock.

1. If all else fails, fall back on the play-on-words phrase: “You can’t spell Broncos without BCS.”

** The individuals that appreciate attempts at humor should already realize that none of the above suggestions are meant to be taken seriously.  Those same people are also encouraged to pitch in “Boise State brainstorms” of their own.


* Also posted to my Bleacher Report page

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  1. admin November 4, 2010 at 6:33 PM

    Thanks, REV.

    We all have our own versions and meanings for “Operation Wilt”.

  2. Chris Humpherys November 3, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    Very nicely done, sir.

    Although that’s not what I ever meant by ‘Operation Wilt.’

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