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Pick Your Knows: NFL Spread Picks for Week 2

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It was an interesting Week 1 in the National Football League, as a number of offenses struggled at times, including the Cowboys, Falcons, Jets, Ravens, Saints and Vikings – among others.

I too struggled a bit during Week 1, posting a “just miss the playoffs” record of 8-8.

Time to get back on the horse.  Here are my picks against the spread for Week 2 (spreads as they appear through CBSSports.com).


NFL Week 2 Picks Against the Spread

Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons (-6.5)

The Cards almost allowed the Rams to come back twice, while the Falcons couldn’t get in the end zone against the Steelers.  This time, Atlanta is at home and I expect the offense to be clicking, and the Falcons to be covering.

KP’s Pick: Atlanta

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers (-2.5)

The Bucs had a nice comeback win against the Browns while the Panthers were sloppy, committing five turnovers.  This week, Carolina’s running game gets a boost, and the Panthers get at least a three-point win at home.

KP’s Pick: Carolina

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals (+1.5)

The Bengals will play better than last week’s subpar performance in New England, but it won’t be enough against a very balanced Ravens team.

KP’s Pick: Baltimore

Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns (-1.5)

The Chiefs played well on defense and special teams against the Chargers last week.  While the offense struggled, there should be enough to knock off Cleveland and move to 2-0

KP’s Pick: Kansas City

Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys (-7.5)

The Cowboys struggled on offense all night against the ‘Skins – and most of the preseason too.  Martz’s offense vs. a solid Dallas defense should be an interesting battle, and with Dallas’ struggles on offense, I predict this one to finish as a one-score game.

KP’s Pick: Chicago

Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions (+4.5)

Michael Vick will likely start due to Kevin Kolb’s concussion – and if he plays like he did last week against Green Bay, the Lions are in for a long day.

KP’s Pick: Philadelphia

Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers (-13.5)

It’s tough to call a spread of nearly two touchdowns in the second week of the season.  The Packers offense is potent – and even with the loss of Ryan Grant for the year, I think Green Bay wijll cover playing at home in Lambeau.

KP’s Pick: Green Bay

Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings (-5.5)


Will Brett Favre rebound from a subpar Week 1 performance?

Tough call – especially since the Vikings played much better at home last year.  But the Dolphinshave a solid defense, and the likes of Brandon Marshall could cause headaches for the Minnesota secondary – keeping this game close throughout.

KP’s Pick: Miami

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans (-5.5)

Pittsburgh’s defense was stellar last week against Atlanta, and Dennis Dixon was efficient replacing the suspended Ben Roethlisberger.  The Titans were dominant against the Raiders, but this is a much better defense that Tennessee is facing.

KP’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos (-3.5)

Seattle shocked many by blowing out the Niners last week.  Now Pete Carroll travels to Mile High, facing a Broncos team that allowed Jacksonville’s passing game to throw for 3 TD’s.

KP’s Pick: Seattle

St. Louis Rams at Oakland Raiders (-3.5)

Sam Bradford had a solid first career game, and the Rams showed significant improvement in almost beating the Cardinals.  The Raiders, on the other hand… well, nevermind.

KP’s Pick: St. Louis

New England Patriots at New York Jets (+1.5)

Revis may be able to handle Randy Moss, but Cromartie was far from impressive in Week 1.  The Jets offense struggled, too.  Meanwhile, the Pats played great – and Wes Welker is back.

KP’s Pick: New England


Will Randy Moss get stranded on Revis Island? (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers (-7.5)

David Garrard had 3 TD’s against Denver last week, but the Chargers are angry after losing in Week 1.  Philip Rivers and the offense will likely see better weather and put up better numbers.

KP’s Pick: San Diego

Houston Texans at Washington Redskins (+3.5)

The Texans may have been the most impressive in Week 1, dominating the Colts in the trenches.  Washington’s defense played great against the Cowboys.  This should be a good one, but Houston’s offense is clicking, while Dallas’ was not.

KP’s Pick: Houston


New York Giants at Indianapolis Colts (-5.5)

The battle of the brothers Manning is here, but the real question is how the Colts’ offensive line will play this week.  Usually, it’s a track meet for Indy at home, but there were enough warning signs in Week 1 that make me believe this will be a close game.

KP’s Pick: New York Giants


New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers (+4.5)

This one comes down to Alex Smith.  If he struggles like he did against the Seahawks, the Saints could run away with this one.  If not, it’s a different story.  My bet is on Brees and the boys.

KP’s Pick: New Orleans

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  1. Chris Humpherys September 18, 2010 at 1:06 AM

    Not only is sportschump.net hogging up the blogosphere, but now I have contributing writers.

    Whaddaya think?


    Oh, and did I miss your take on Penn State at Bama? I’m behind on my reading.

  2. admin September 17, 2010 at 8:04 PM

    Nice. Yeah, the Jets sure know how to talk. It will be interesting to see what happens with this team, but it’s pretty safe to say that Sanchez is going to make or break that season. The offense was bad in Week 1.

    Yep, I’m due to stop by there and read a few of your latest…. missed some since I was on vacation for nearly two weeks.

  3. admin September 17, 2010 at 8:02 PM

    I’d say that’s a good way to go about it, and you obviously have to be happy with the first win of the season.
    If I were you, I would be hoping to see that nasty defense come back… and maybe some of the young guys can develop.
    For the team I root for, It’s been cautious optimism… and that’s what it will be.
    Thanks, you too – have a great weekend.

  4. admin September 17, 2010 at 8:00 PM

    Yeah, you know we talked about trying to figure out some kind of pick ’em on here – and then vacation came around. Then again, I could still figure something out, maybe for midseason football or something. I would like to do that, it would mean for potential good audience participation.

  5. aero September 17, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    When it comes to the Bucs this season I have adopted a expect the worse, but hope for the best attitude. If they double their win total this year I will consider the season a success.
    Have a good weekend my friend.

  6. DownStairs Joe September 17, 2010 at 3:34 AM

    Soon to be ACoupleTownsOver Joe 🙁
    To bad you cant set something up (like ESPN Pigskin Pickem) where we can pick the games on your site.

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