It’s mid-week again – and that means time for “Hump Day Links”… featuring various entertaining reads throughout the online sports world.

Hump Day Links (Vol. 7): August 18, 2010

NFL Hall of Famer says he’s lost respect for Brett Favre… wait, someone’s lost respect for Favre? Get outta here! [MoonDog Sports]

With his decision to return to the Vikings, have we finally seen the end of “Favreapalooza”, at least for this offseason?  Here’s hoping so – and here’s a poll on the most annoying folks in sports over the last year…

Over the last YEAR, which of the 3 following SUPERSTAR athletes are you SICK of hearing about the MOST?

  • Tiger Woods (35%, 12 Votes)
  • Brett Favre (35%, 12 Votes)
  • LeBron James (29%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 34

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Joe Maddon – one of the best in baseball [Tophatal’s Blog]

What cliché lines like “one game at a time” really mean [Guyism]

Hate it when players flop?  Here’s a guy DEFENDING the flop – gasp! [Sports Chump]

Comparing Bryce Harper to Top Draft Picks of the Past [Mr. Irrelevant]


How good will Bryce Harper be once he reaches D.C.?

Don’t believe every NFL preseason thing you hear, such as Super Bowl losers struggling during the following season [FPL]


Various types of people that you could meet at a Fantasy Football draft [Gunaxin]

Jose Canseco is still talking through something other than his mouth – including on Twitter [Wicked Good Sports]

Still talkin’ Dustin Johnson, Whistling Straits, plus photos of the famous bunker [Wei Under Par]

One man lists his sleepers in Fantasy Football this season [Josh Q. Public]

Hazing Comes to Head With Jacksonville Jaguars [Sports by Brooks]

Derrek Lee finally accepts a trade – and is bound for Atlanta [New York Times]

Will the Phillies counter before the end of the waiver deadline?  I wouldn’t rule that out, though with that rotation, they are in great shape…

New York’s latest basketball crush is on Carmelo [The Big Lead]

Yes, “distracting” is one way to refer to Eva Longoria (below) [With Leather]


Eva Longoria – wife of Tony Parker – is one of the most beautiful sports wives today

So very, VERY distracting…

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