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Gold Stars: Dallas Braden, Betty White, Rajon Rondo, Orlando Magic, Mother’s Day Moms and More

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In sports, athletes with spectacular performances earn all kinds of accolades – from MVP awards to trophies, and so on.kp-gold-stars  Here at The Wife Hates Sports, gold stars are earned – kind of like a grade school teacher would place on a good student’s homework.

After another hot weekend in the world of sports, there were just too many great performances that yours truly had to break out the stars to honor some of the best…

Gold Stars: May 9, 2010

Dallas Braden

An extra gold star goes out to those who have even heard of the guy, as I’m willing to bet not everyone has.

Either way, Braden is a starting pitcher for the Oakland A’s, who not only shut down one of the best teams in baseball in the Tampa Bay Rays (second in runs to be exact) – but he threw a perfect game against them – the 19th in MLB history.

On top of that, his grandmother – who raised him, was present to celebrate on Mother’s Day.

Congrats, young man.

Rajon Rondo

Honestly, Rondo is often overshadowed by a number of other point guards in the NBA – but you can’t ignore this ridiculous stat line in Game 4 against the top-seeded Cavs on Sunday:


29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists…

Yes, that’s a triple-double, and YES that’s 18 boards for a point guard.

Can we NOW put his name as one of the best, please?

Betty White

The WIFE has also put in high grades for White’s recent performance on SNL – and to be honest, I’m not a frequent viewer anymore, but the best thing that could have happened to the late-night skit show was the facebook press pushing for Betty to be host… because she was hysterical – and it was an SNL show that I laughed at consistently for the first time in a VERY long time.

Seriously… Betty may have joked that her “muffin hasn’t had a cherry since 1939”, but her performance on Saturday Night Live was the cherry on top of a few years of subpar late-night desserts.

If you haven’t checked out this Golden Girl’s performance, I’d recommend it – as a handful of SNL’ers were back to pitch in.

Orlando Magic

I’ve been saying it for days now – but amidst all the hype and desire for a Lakers vs. Cavs NBA Finals matchup, the Orlando Magic are a beast growing stronger and stronger.

Orlando remains unbeaten in the postseason, now taking a commanding 3-0 lead over the Atlanta Hawks, all of which were dominate victories.

The warning sign is this: the Magic could use some adversity.  After all, look at LeBron and Co.dwight-howard-flexes-orlando-magic last year – who cruised into the Eastern Conference Finals, only to face adversity and bow out.  The same could happen if the Magic aren’t careful.

Tim Clark

Of all the other great stories this weekend, Clark’s story is right there at the top.

The PGA media is guilty of having a crush on Tiger and Phil – and deservably so as each has earned to be the talk of the town – but there needs to be more attention to the winners of the tournaments, too.

Clark, who put on a masterful performance at the TPC – earned his FIRST ever victory on the PGA Tour.

So congrats, Tim… it was a great weekend, and finally that monkey can hop off your back and take a friggin’ hike.

Mom on Mother’s Day

Finally, as this special day winds down, it’s important to acknowledge the mothers of the world.

In my case, Mom isn’t just a caring and fantastic family matriarch, but she’s grown into quite the sports fan – so much that she at times puts me to shame – which says something considering my obsession and aspirations to be more firmly cemented in the sports world.

I celebrate you, Mom – and thanks so much for everything you have done for me – and for talking sports with me, too.

And for that… the wife thanks you, too.


This has been Gold Stars… where there’s no back talk, because then we’ll have to wash our mouths out with soap.

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  1. admin May 13, 2010 at 6:53 PM


    When you mention bankruptcy and the Rangers, all I can think of is just a handful of years back when Hicks spent a fortune on A-Rod and borderline started the lunacy of the crazy contracts that players now get.

  2. admin May 13, 2010 at 6:52 PM

    Hey… thanks. Yeah, that’s Buerhle on the AP thing. It talks about him being last perfect game before, but if you watch the video… it talks about Braden, too.

    Yeah, I’m pulling for Orlando as a fan… but that’s the team I rooted for growing up as a kid.

    Agree on SNL and Betty White…

    Thanks buddy, the same to you… hope all is well.

  3. aero May 11, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    Hey Kev,
    Good post man, would’ve been great but isn’t that Mark Buele not Dallas Braden. I know they both pitched perfect games against my Rays, but come on man that’s rubbing it in a little much:)
    Betty White is great, but SNL has definetly seen better days.
    I’m pulling for the Magic, but I think the NBA would prefer a LeBron-Kobe match up.
    Congrats to Tim Clark, although it’s hard to feel sorry for a guy that has earned so much money not winning.
    I hope you and yours had a fabulous Mother’s Day.

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