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“We Are Notre Dame” Rap Video: The Real Reason Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate Left A Year Early

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For those of you familiar with Twitter, you will know how a topic can so easily spread like wildfire – especially one that causes any kind of controversy or humor.

Today, it was the latter – and in a big way, as the “sports twitterverse” latched on to a video posted by the University of Notre Dame – yes the university itself, promoting the “We are ND” concept in… well, we’ll call it a funky rap.notre-dame-sign-mocked-play-like-chump-today

And wow, did it ever bring a few laughs – albeit quite unlikely the intention.

LOVE the Irish or HATE the Irish, we should all bond and get a good chuckle at this video.

Check it out for yourself below, but if you ask me – this is the REAL reason that Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate bolted from the Irish a year early.

Bad Notre Dame Rap Song

Attention (Updated 2018) – I can’t find this on YouTube any longer, guys.  Seriously, it was so bad, it was funny – and now it doesn’t exist on the internet any longer.  I’ll keep trying to track it down and if I can, I’ll update this post with the updated video.

Maybe it was a copyright issue.  Maybe it was just so bad that the internet rejected it.


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  1. admin May 6, 2010 at 11:57 AM


    Nice, man… hope that was custom made and not in ND colors. I’m guessing it’s probably orange and blue…

  2. admin May 6, 2010 at 11:56 AM

    I think the bigger thing for me was how defensive he got when Clausen wasn’t picked until the second round… almost like he was feeling his cred melting away right in front of him. It happens… everyone feels different about people and heck, that Gruden taped piece on ESPN alone probably knocked him down on some team draft boards – Clausen that is.

  3. Chris Humpherys April 30, 2010 at 10:09 PM

    I have a sign inside my condo which I slap every time I walk out the door.

    It simply reads…. “Play like a SportsChump today.”

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