The bigwigs behind Just For Men – the five-minute hair-coloring product – may just be salivating by the recent stories coming from the National Football League.

In a matter of hours, two pieces of news emerged regarding a pair of future NFL Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

Donovan McNabb was introduced to the media as the new quarterback of the Washington Redskins.  When asked about his former team – the Philadelphia Eagles –  and how they traded him away, McNabb said, “”I never knew 33 years was old, but I guess I’m too old.”


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The Eagles – as we all know by now – recently did their best impression of the Green Bay Packers, moving away an aging veteran QB for a young and talented gunslinger.  In Philadelphia’s case, it was McNabb to Washington to make room for Kevin Kolb.

The move mirrors that of Green Bay’s dealing of Brett Favre to the New York Jets to make room for Aaron Rodgers – who has impressed in his time with the Packers.

It remains to be seen how Kolb will perform in the pressure cooker that is the “City of Brotherly Love”.

But speaking of the aforementioned Brett Favre – the Wrangler wearin’, decision makin’ legend is once again in the news – but this time it has nothing to do with his impending decision as to whether he’ll return for another season with the Minnesota Vikings.

Brett is in the headlines for his age too – but not the fact that he’s got Donovan beat by seven years – being a quarterback in his 40’s.


Will Grandpa Brett Return to the NFL?

Nope – Brett Favre is now a grandpa.

Favre’s oldest daughter Brittany, as originally reported by Larry Fitzgerald of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, has given birth to a son.

The story was also mentioned on Brett Favre’s official website – which also dropped a juicy hint about Brett and a possible return – or, as the site stated it, Favre “might be getting the itch to be around football again.”

So Donovan – no need to joke about being “too old” – what with the NFL’s only grandpa potentially getting the itch to hit the field again this fall.

But as we’ve grown to find out, “might” is a big maybe in Favre’s world – and Brett will decide when he’s good and ready.

Let’s just hope that Brett didn’t need to make the decision as to whether his daughter needed to get to the hospital.

And let’s hope that Donovan can be an old dog learning new tricks.  After all, there are a new set of overtime rules coming to the NFL this year.

I kid, I kid – and I know – it’s never polite to poke fun at the elderly.

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