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The Wife’s Welcome

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This is the wife’s welcome, but first…

Let’s start with a little background. I grew up in a completely non-sports oriented environment. I have no brothers, a girly sister (much like myself), a “sports challenged” mother and my father has never been an avid sports fan either (I’m sorry, I just can’t count NASCAR but he did somehow get into it around my high school years … but I will admit I haven’t really given it much of a chance).

Don’t Touch That Dial

Our TV was usually set to old westerns, the history channel, popular sitcoms or the ever favorite, America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Football was never on TV on Thanksgiving Day until my brother-in-law entered our family in the late 90s.  Super Bowl Sunday?  What’s that? I don’t think I even knew what Opening Day was until I got to college.  So it’s not that I ever disliked sports, I was just never exposed. 

And then I manage to fall in love with the world’s greatest sports fan, my now husband and creator of TWHS. Through our years, I have grown a liking to college football and football in general. I even find myself enjoying The Masters come springtime. I know what Bracketology is and dutifully make my own brackets each year … but let’s be honest, I’m not advancing teams based on performance or predictions, rather, my favorite mascots or hometown teams.

HATE is a strong word but I really do have some serious pet peeves with sports fans and sports in general. I mean come on, do you really need to get that angry and worked up over something you have ZERO control over? Really? And when you’re yelling at the QB to throw it to so-and-so, do you really think he’s going to hear you? Because you must, as you get so angry when he doesn’t listen.

I’m all for passion and supporting a cause you really believe in but this can just get down right silly. And let’s not forget the beyond ridiculous financial situation of the sports world. Are these players really worth millions? In the current state of our country, I think the money could best be served elsewhere. But I digress … and I think you’ve probably started to get the gist.

Of course there’s much more to come. But all that being said, ‘THE WIFE’ welcomes you to The Wife Hates Sports.

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  1. The Wife February 5, 2010 at 10:58 AM

    Sigh … we really do just have to give in, don’t we? As Rachel so rightfully pointed out, we knew what we were getting into. Honestly though, I really do admire the passion and I do see the value of sports themselves. It just all gets so out of hand sometimes! And Julie – I 100% agree about the Redskins. As a wee little one, my husband became a hard core fan of all the MD teams, including the Orioles. Try watching that go down in Red Sox Nation!! And “Girly sister” – it’s all about multiple tvs!

  2. Rachel February 3, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    I am 100% sure that there is some sort of magnetic force-field around our TV and remote control that automatically turns it to ESPN. I can watch HGTV… leave the room… and come back 10 minutes later. Magically, ESPN is what the TV is turned to.

    I, too, have surrendered (well, mostly) to the fanaticism that my husband displays year-round for all things sports. He lives, breathes, eats, sleeps (and farts) sports. But, I knew who I was marrying. And for the most part, I’ve come to enjoy the extra time I have to myself on Sundays. Oh, who am I kidding? Saturdays, Sundays, Monday nights, and most Thursdays during late football season. If I’m in the same room, I even now raise my hand for the occasional high-5.

    He is who he is. I bow to his mother with complete admiration. The woman had 3 sons and a husband, all of whom are sports fanatics.

    I know who comes first, and it isn’t me. But, at least I’m second…. at least I think so!

  3. Julie Dykes February 2, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    I am also a football wife or what you could call a football widow. If it came down to me or football, it would take a while for him to decide. After nine years of marriage and two kids, I have finally surrendered. The kids and I all have Redskin Jerseys that we put on religiously every game. We all sit and cheer no matter how bad we are getting are butts kicked. I just wish when he was a wee little boy, he had picked a better team to be a fan of, it would make Sundays a whole lot easier.

  4. Elaine Schneider February 1, 2010 at 10:54 PM

    “Girly” sister here….
    I married a sports nut but stood my ground…I still do not like sports. Don’t have the patience, the interest or the desire to follow sports…any sports. Unless you include badminton – the only sport I ever excelled at. And yes, badminton is a sport!!
    When the Colts play on TV watch out. My husband becomes an obsessed sports nut, clueless to the outside world. The house could catch on fire, our two children could run around naked in front of the tv and the dog could pee on my husband’s shoe (that he is currently wearing) and he wouldn’t even notice.
    So now the Colts are in the Super Bowl and my husband is beside himself with glee. I’ve already ordered a tranquilizer for our poor dog who gets extremely upset when someone yells and screams and bounces up and down at the tv. As for me and the girls, we might try to watch the game…or at least pretend to be interested.=)
    After almost 13 years of marriage I wish I could say I controlled the remote during football season (and NASCAR)! Some things just can’t be controlled – but not for lack of trying! Life just seems to STOP completely on Sunday for my husband. I know it could be worse…..

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